Telescopic mast

Lenght: 9,5 Meters
Transport Lenght: 1,9 Meters
Tube Diameter: 65/40 mm
Weight: 11 Kg

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GWE-9-5/1-9   Telescopic mast 9,5 Meters

The telescopic masts are manufactured out of aluminum tubing with a slotted end. Masts can be extended to any length and securely fastened by means of a massive clamp. Each tube has a colored ring around 20cm from bottom end which defines the maximum extraction. There is no fixed stop which makes it advisable to approach the marking slowly when extending the sections. These masts are ideally suited for temporary or stationary applications for antennas, lighting or cameras due to the low weight and the telescopic mechanism. When setting up the mast please pay special attention to the clamping length; the clamping length of the mast must be at least 1/6th of the extended length, but 1 meter minimum. So, whenever a mast is to be extended more than 6 meters measured from the uppermost clamping point additional guy wires are mandatory. The tubes are made of T6060 weather-proof aluminum alloy. They are tapered with a step of 5mm, thickness of wall is 2mm. Clamps are steel, zinc plated.


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9,5 Meters