Superior multi-adjustable cell phone holders with external antenna connection to any smartphone or mobilephone


Antennas from 1.8 MHz to 90 GHz. Applications include GPS, WiFi, 3G Cellular GSM/CDMA, 4G LTE, LTE-A, XLTE, ISM, HF, VHF, UHF, and RFID

Ram Mounts

Mounting hardware for smartphones, tablets and Pcs. Manufactured in the USA to perform above expectations. Far and away the most innovative product line of its kind


Highly reliable and secure LTE routers, amplifiers and path loss compensators for professional applications and mission-critical wireless communication.

Product Areas

Our products meet industrial and military standards

Rugged dependable antennas. Made for rough terrain to secure communication.


Antennas for Intelligent Transportation Systems, Connections for seamless communication.


Rugged dependable antennas. For critical communications.


Wireless Solutions for Exploration, Mining, Fleet Tracking & Surveillance.

Public Safety

Antennas that keep you connected when communications are critical.


Antenna knowledge and solutions When RFID theory meets practice.


Antenna Solutions for Passenger Trains, Trams & Commercial Freight.


You understand energy, We understand wireless, Together we reach the target.


Antenna Solutions for Commercial WiFi, Mobile Hotspots, Real-time Video, Streaming Data.

Machine to Machine

Antenna Solutions for Cellular Machine to Machine (M2M) Communications. 

Telescopic Masts

Masts ideally suited for permanent or temporary installations of antennas, lighting or cameras.


Our Company

Goldwater Electronics is part of Goldwater Sweden AB, which guarantees a stable foundation. We came up with the idea of providing a safe and stable communication solution, as we work in a challenging area with limited access to communication via the mobile network, we began searching for products for this difficult environment. We found suppliers who had just the components we were looking for and together we solved the communication problem in a unique way. We found that the solution was so successful that we are now introduce it on the Nordic market through the creation of Goldwater Electronics.

Goldwater Electronics provides wireless technology antenna solutions, designing unique solutions particularly for the industrial sector and the commercial sector. We strive to provide a professional, world-class interface for all customers who want to improve their wireless communication, both large and small companies. We focused primarily on serving Sweden, Norway and Finland. GW Electronics strive to build a strong presence in these regions, and in a growing European market.

We represent high quality brands such as SmoothTalker Canada and Mobile Mark from the US/UK, all products in their portfolio are manufactured according to industrial and military grade standard that ensures high performance and quality.

Meet Our Partners

For a positive development and to achieve our customers requests , we cooperate with many extraordinary companies around the world. Their expertise means that we can do much more than we could alone, and their passion and talent inspires us. We have the pleasure to introduce you to a handful of the companies that we are proud to call our partners.


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