Combination GPS & UHF Surface Mount Antenna

Frequency: 1575 MHz & 380-430 MHz
Gain: 5 dBi for GPS, unity gain for UHF


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The SMF-400/1575 provides functionality for dual band tracking systems, combining a UHF antenna with a GPS satellite antenna into one convenient package. This saves on space, looks and installation time without sacrificing performance.

The SMF-400/1575 antennas have passed the IPx5 water ingress rating. This rating along with a flexible whip allows these antennas to go through car washes without the need to remove either the whip or the base of the antenna from the vehicle.

These antennas can also be used with the Mirror Mount kit or the Trunk Lid Mount kit.


Additional information

Cable lenght

15 ft


SMA Male
(SMA Hane)