Downlink:                                                     2100Mhz  Depending on operator

Uplink:                                                           1900Mhz  Depending on operator

Frequency Bandwidth (3dB BW)          19.8MHz

Gain:                                                                 70dB

Output Power:                                              24 dB

Noise Figure:                                                <5dB

In-band Ripple:                                            <3dB

System Delay:                                                <5us

Coverage:                                                        up to 2000 square meters

Indoor antennas:                                           1 – 6 pcs

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A repeater is a wireless amplifier system that does not require a direct connection to cellular devices such as phones, tablets and modems. For cellular devices that do not have an antenna port or situations where signal needs to be boosted to multiple devices, a repeater system is the best way to improve signal strength.

The repeater spreads the signal within the building in all directions. The system is expandable for better coverage in specific environments. Our repeater is approved by operators and follows the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency’s (PTS) requirements for CE marking and RoHS. The repeater is of high quality and band selective for Telia, Tele2, Telenor and 3.

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