Queen Bee II

Queen Bee II

  • 9+ dBi gain
  • All fiberglass construction.
  • No trimmer capacitors to adjust.
  • Direct feed with 50 Ohm coax; 50.2 MHz.
  • All weather construction.
  • Adjustable feed point to change resonance.
  • Aluminum mast to boom coupler.
  • Handles 1 KW PEP.
  • Horizontal or vertical polarization.
  • > 1.5 Mhz; bandwidth.
  • Turning radius 6.5′
  • weight 14 lbs.
  • boom length 8′
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Why should you choose a Quad antenna over a Yagi?

More gain, lighter weight, smaller turning radius, better front to back ratio, better side rejection, less QRN (static), better reception, lower radiation angle, and will work efficiently at a lower elevation than a Yagi.

Will the quad work on vertical polarity ?

The polarity is a function of where the driven element is fed.  All of our quad designs may be either Horizontal or Vertically polarized which is determined at the time of assembly.