Heavy Duty, High Vibration Panel
EU Frequency: 865-870 MHz
Gain: 7 dBic maximum

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When an extremely rugged track trace antenna is needed for use in the harshest conditions, the HD7-868 track trace antenna are the antennas of choice. They are the most rugged track trace antenna designed to date and have surpassed every test thrown at them, including being run over by a car. The HD7 Series track trace antennas are circularly polarized, US models are RHCP (Right Hand Circularly Polarized) and European models are LHCP (Left hand Circularly Polarized). Because of the circular polarization, the orientation of the RFID tag track trace antenna will not affect the performance of readers. With 7 dBic gain, these track trace antennas provide significant performance improvements over a micro-sized patch.


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Direct N Female
(Direkt N Hona)