WiFi Amplifier 2400 MHz

• IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n Compatible
• Active Power Control
• N-Female Connectors
• UL 94HB Flame Rated Compact, Light Weight Nylon Composite Case – No Heat Sink Required
• 9VDC Power Supply Included

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 WiFi Amplifier HA2401MG-100

Indoor WiFi Amplifier HA2401MG-100
HyperAmp® HA2401MG-100 series amplifiers are compatible with 802.11g (b/g) and 802.11n Wireless LAN equipment.
HyperLink ‘s Active Power Control circuit automatically adjusts the amplifier’s gain to provide a constant output power regardless of cable length.

The HyperAmp® HA2401MG series improves range by delivering full transmit power directly at the antenna where it is most effective.
In addition the unit’s receive gain compensates for cable losses. The unit can be configured to deliver the full transmit power with as little as 1 mW of input power,
permitting cable runs of several hundred feet with no degradation in operating range.

The compact and low profile design of these indoor amplifiers makes them ideal for use as a “design-in” module, or for use in weight-sensitive portable applications.
Unlike PC board-only modules, the HyperLink module is a compact self-contained amplifier assembly offering greater dependability and ease of installation,
and no heat sink is required.
The durable nylon composite case of the HA2401MG has a UL 94-HB flame rating.

The power supply included with the amplifier is rated at 100-240 VAC @ 50/60 Hz allowing it to be used in the US as well as in the EU,

This bi-directional amplifier is designed for burst half-duplex operation. It is not intended for constant transmit or CW operation.
Operation of the amplifier in CW mode will damage the amplifier and void the warranty.