WiFi Amplifier 2400 MHz

• IEEE 802.11b Only Compatible
• Active Power Control
• N-Female Connectors
• Includes DC Injector and Mast-Mount Hardware

Transmit Power 3 Watt (35 dBm)
Receive Gain 15 dB nom.
Frequency 2400 – 2500 MHz
Max. Input Power 100 mW (20 dBm)
Operating Mode Bi-directional, half-duplex Time Division Duplex. Senses RF carrier from transmitter and automatically switches from receive to transmit mode
Operating Temperature -40°C to 50°C
Water Resistant Rating IEC 60529 IPX7
Dimensions 150 x 64 x 33 (mm)
Weight 44 Kg
Current Draw 1.25A Peak Tx and 0.14A Peak Rx
Supply Voltage 12VDC -0.5V / +1V
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 WiFi Amplifier HA2401-XL3000

HyperAmp® HA2401-XL AGC RF amplifiers offer the ultimate in performance, versatility and ease of installation.
HyperLink ‘s AGC (automatic gain control) circuit automatically adjusts the amplifier’s gain to provide a constant output power regardless of cable length.
This unit provides 23 dB receive gain.

The HyperAmp® HA2401-XL improves range by delivering full transmit power and low-noise receive gain directly at the antenna where it is most effective.
This gain compensates for cable losses and actually increases the receive sensitivity of most wireless LAN radios.
The unit can be configured to deliver the full transmit power with as little as 1 mW of input power,
permitting cable runs of several hundred feet with no degradation in operating range.

These amp features a rugged, cast aluminum weather-proof construction to ensure years of reliable operation in the harshest environments.
The integral mast mount gives this amplifier superior strength as well as simplifies installation. Included with the outdoor models,
the DC Power Injector provides power to the HyperAmp® through the antenna cable, simplifying installation.
Current-sensing circuits provide remote amplifier diagnostic LEDs.
In addition, this unit provides effective lightning protection with multi-strike capability.

HA2401-XL AGC amplifiers are compatible with Direct Sequence and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum including 11 Mbit/sec Wi-Fi and IEEE 802.11b devices.

WiFi components used in a Streaming Video or Audio system work harder than ones carrying Data only.
They are turned on for extended periods of time without the chance to cool off.
Microwave devices are very sensitive to the heat generated from operating at high duty cycles.
Most amplifiers, or for that matter many Radios, cannot pass Streaming Media content for extended periods of time without overheating.
Some products were designed for Data only use and have no method of heatsinking. If you use them in a Streaming Media system,
those products will self destruct or have their lifespan diminished. It would be the equivalent removing the Heatsink or Fans from your PC.

HyperLink Technologies “Streaming Media Ready” amplifiers were designed from the start,
to survive the extreme conditions that Streaming Media imposes on an amplifier.
Using proprietary heatsinking techniques, HyperLink ‘s Streaming Media amplifiers will remain at a safe operating temperatures,
for the most demanding Streaming Media applications,
without the need for cumbersome heatsink plates, fins or fans.