Lightning Protector 0-3 GHz

• Reliable Performance from DC ~ 3 GHz
• Bi-Directional Protection
• Protector will pass DC
• Easily Replaced Gas Tube Element
• Multi-Strike Capability


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 Lightning Protector AL-NFNFBHP-9

Lightning Protector AL-NFNFBHP-9 is a very high-performance high power gas discharge tube suppressor featuring operation up to 3 GHz.
The design of this protector provides outstanding performance and reliability due to its internal components.
A circular brass contact inside the AL-NFNFBHP ensures the gas tube is firmly seated as well as providing a better contact point for the gas tube.
Most coaxial protectors are designed with only a thin pin that the gas tube sits on.
Both connector ports of this unit are equally protected. This provides protection no matter which way it is installed.
Either port can face the antenna and either port can face the equipment.
A ground lug and terminal are provided directly on the lightning protector housing which provides superior grounding.
This unit features a bulkhead N-Female connector with a rubber “O” Ring seal for mounting through an enclosure wall.

Note: The AL-NFNFBHP is for indoor use only.