Airborne 5

  • Lighter than RG58.
  • Outer jacket is UV resistant, waterproof, PE., 5 mm (.197 inch)
    -Can be used for underground and outdoor installations.
  • High resistance Aluminum-Magnesium alloy braid.
    – Made by means of 24 spools braiding machine.
    – 50% more crossovers if compared to traditional 16 spool machines
    – This braid is highly effective against low frequency impulsive noises.
    – Screening percentage 82% (96 wires)
  • Triple layer screening tape/foil, highly effective against high frequency interferences.
    – Screening percentage is 100%
  • High pressure physical injection foamed polyethylene.
    – Triple layer dielectric, FPE 3 mm (0.118 inch)
  • Inner conductor is 99.99% pure electrolytic annealed bare copper.
    – 1.13 mm (0.044 inch)
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5 mm LowLoss cable, 50 Ohm, double shielded
The AIRBORNE 5 has 5 mm outer diameter like RG-58, but way less attenuation, only 7dB/100m at 50 MHz, 3.8 less than RG-58. At 1 GHz 30dB/100m, 28 dB weniger als RG-58! Because of the low attenuation the cable is also suited for Wifi. 100m of this cable weights only 2,3kg, about 1,4kg less than RG-58. Very interesting for DXpeditions: extra charges from airlines for excess baggage are reduced considerably this way.

The AIRBORNE 5 has a PE jacket with special UV protection and can also be laid in salt water or into the ground permanently. The air-foamed dielectric is triple layered to prevent moisture from soaking in. The braid is made of a light yet robust AlMg alloy, additionally a plastic-coated foil is inserted. The screening efficiency with a range of 100-2000 MHz is thus better than 105dB! Both absorption of interferences (man-made noise or the signal of neighbour stations when cables are laid parallel) and emission of HF from the cable is reduced vastly.
The cable’s flexibility is amazing, which you will only realise when you have held it in your own hands! AIRBORNE 5 is robust and very resistant against treading on it, temperature ranges ¬†-40… +70 c


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25, 50, 100 Meters
Other lenghts up on request

Optional contacts

BNC plug, PL plug, N plug, SMA plug