Airborne 10

  • 45.3% lighter than average 10.3 mm (.405 inch) full copper cables.
  • Outer jacket is UV resistant, waterproof, PE., 10.3 mm (.405 inch)
    -Can be used for underground and harsh environments.
  • High resistance copper clad aluminum screen made by means of 24 spools braiding machine.
    – 50% more crossovers if compared to traditional 16 spool machines
    – This braid is highly effective against low frequency impulsive noises.
    – Screening percentage 78% (168 wires)
  • Copper foil has an applied PE coating to prevent foil cracking due to short radius bends.
    – Screening percentage is 100%
  • High pressure physical injection foamed polyethylene.
    – Triple layer dielectric, FPE 7.3mm (0.287 inch)
  • Inner conductor is annealed copper clad aluminum.
    – 2.78 mm (0.109 inch)
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10.3 mm LowLoss Cable, 50 Ohm, very low attenuation, low weight!
The Airborne-10 cable has approx. 40% less weight than comparable cables, this really helps to save shipping costs for DX-peditions! With it’s solid center conductor and the improved dielectric material the Airborne-10 cable achieves low attenuation values, even for 10 GHZ applications and EME where the last dB fraction counts. The cable is watertight and can be buried at the beach, without water ingress. As with the most Messi & Paoloni cables, the Airborne-10 cable also has an excellent screen shielding of 105 dB by using CU/PE foil and a very dense mesh made of 24 strands.


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25, 50, 100 Meters
Other lenghts up on request

Optional contacts

BNC plug, PL plug, N plug, RPN plug, SMA plug, RPSMA plug, TNC plug, RPTNC plug